2 Levels Aerobic Exercise Stepper

2 Levels Aerobic Exercise Stepper


All materials and components of the Body & Mind Elite step board are of high quality and grade. Attention has been paid to numerous details that clearly make this fitness stepper stand out from the crowd. It is extremely torsion-resistant and non-slip.

Aerobic stepping training with a fitness board is not only very effective, but also easy on the joints and versatile. Together with a corresponding step aerobics video or the exclusive e-book, you can start immediately and thanks to the rhythmically driven training, motivation remains permanently high.

ADJUSTABLE 2 LEVEL HEIGHT - Our 2 tier level design allows for an increase or decrease in resistance of your exercise, simply add or remove tier levels to allow for the increase or decrease in height of the platform

EXTRA GRIP RUBBER COATED SOFT SURFACE - This will allow for more vigorous and intense workout sessions as our extra grip surface allows the user to make contact with the step at higher speeds/impacts without any chances of slipping

Non-slip rubber cover


Technical specifications

  • High quality thick plastic for  long lasting durability

  • Compact, lightweight and portable - ideal for quick and simple workout sessions

  • Perfect for both beginners and advanced workouts

  • Easy to adjust the workout to your needs

  • Full size: 65cm x 26cm x 15cm