Exercise Abs Wheel Roller With Knee Pad

Exercise Abs Wheel Roller With Knee Pad


One sign of a healthy and fit body is a strong core.

When your core muscles are balanced correctly your spine is in its optimal position.

With stable spine positioning, you will have good posture and a solid base so that the muscles of your limbs can move smoothly.

So along came the ab wheel… and also the sceptical questioning of the ab wheel effectiveness.

What the ab wheel “promises” is that exercising with an ab wheel makes all your core muscles work together and to contract as a group.

This will ensure that there isn't muscular imbalance, which could happen with exercises that target only your abs or only your back.


  • If this is your first-time start on the floor, kneeling down on all fours. You can do this on a yoga mat if your knees feel uncomfortable in this position.
  • Grip the ab roller by placing one hand on each of the handles. Place the wheel on the floor underneath your shoulders.
  • With your arms and back straight, roll the wheel forward slowly.
  • As you roll forward, make sure your abs are contracted, and your upper body is extended and parallel to the ground.
  • Roll forward as far as possible while engaging your core to keep you balanced. Only by contracting your core throughout the exercise can you keep your lower back stabilized so that it doesn't sag.
  • You must also ensure that your hips and shoulders are moving at the same speed.
  • Hold your position for about three to five seconds.
  • Then SLOWLY roll back to your starting position.