tech21 Impact Clear Case for iPhone 6 Plus / iPhone 6s Plus (5.5") - CLEAR

tech21 Impact Clear Case for iPhone 6 Plus / iPhone 6s Plus (5.5") - CLEAR

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Protect. Reveal.
More consideration and precision is going into the design of smartphones than ever before, making them a thing of beauty. The Impact Clear not only keeps your phone protected from everyday drops, but enables you to appreciate its original beauty. By using BulletShield™ impact material, we were able to make Impact Clear ultra thin, lightweight and completely clear.


Ultra thin and completely clear.
Impact Clear uses BulletShield™, a totally transparent, ultra efficient impact absorbing material that's actually used in bullet proof glass. It's impact absorbing properties allowed us to reduce the amount of material used, slimming Impact Clear down to merely 2mm on the sides, and 1.5mm on the back, making it the thinnest and lightest phone case we’ve ever created.


Unhindered user experience.
Impact Clear provides a secure fit and feel, gives comfortable and precise access to all ports and function buttons and has been tested to work harmoniously with your phone without the risk of interference.


Scratch and smudge resistant.
To keep your phone looking great, we’ve added a matt finish, making Impact Clear scratch and smudge resistant.


Everyday drop protection with BulletShield™
Featuring BulletShield™, an ultra efficient impact absorbing material also used in bullet proof glass, the Impact Clear case offers everyday drop protection from 1.5m/ 5ft as well as day-to-day wear and tear.

Featuring BulletShield™ impact material, Impact Clear is the thinnest and lightest case we've ever created, protecting your phone from everyday drops and scratches.



  • Incredibly thin and completely clear.
  • Scratch and smudge resistant.
  • Comfortable and precise access to all ports and function buttons.
  • Everyday drop protection from 1.5?m?/?5?ft.
  • Easy to install and remove - without scratching.